Summer Jewellery To Show off Your Piercings

The world of piercing jewellery is vastly diverse, and ever-changing: from various gemstones—amber, amethyst, ruby, quartz, and sapphire—to copper, brass, and even various types of wood. Today with modern medicine, surgical steel dominates the face of piercing jewellery, especially being a non-porous material which will not react to body fluids and discharges readily occurring in fresh piercings. Other materials such as titanium and hypoallergenic Niobium are other choices available. Titanium and Niobium can both be anodized—a process where it is electrically heated to create a wide variety of colours. Moreover, a lot of modern jewellery can be easily customized with different studs, beads, and balls. UV and neon jewellery are more prominently seen among young adolescents, in addition to a variety eclectic styles. I’ve personally noticed a high demand for “shambala” jewellery, especially on navel banana barbells, and as balls for labrets, and circular barbells.

Everyone has a different preference when it comes to jewellery in general. Piercing jewellery is no different. Here are some of todays styles, materials and shapes:

Niobium Jewellery
UV Jewellery
Epoxy Coated Crystalline Jewellery

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