As an avid piercer, I have found that there is a lack of information about piercings, and contrarily, a frightening existence of misinformation. In my experiences, I’ve come across an abundance of people who have been pierced incorrectly, or have not been adequately advised on proper cleaning and maintenance of their new bodily modification. Any professional piercer will not tell you to clean your new cartilage piercing with a bar of soap, or hot water. Every piercing is unique, and the same unique regard should be taken when cleaning. For instance, if advised to clean piercings with antibacterial soap, how would one care for their tongue ring? These are unfortunately the situations i have come across when dealing with clients who have had unsatisfactory experiences with misguided piercers.

And this is why I’m writing this: because someone who is not deeply rooted in this lifestyle does not, and generally will not have an extensive knowledge about piercings, care, jewellery types, sanitization, so on and so forth.  Everyone, including myself, have been handled by negligent piercers, from second-rate shops, who have caused detriment to our bodies on one level or another. We have all been a victim. To many, a piercing can be sacred, and to others aesthetic. Whatever the reason behind acquiring a new hole in your body may be, they should all be handled equally as important and urgent as the next. Causal Determinism elucidates philosophical cause-and-effect theories, where events are bound by causality and therefore any state is determined by by a cause prior to it. I allude to this philosophy because the initial act of piercing can permanently alter your appearance in ways you may or may not have hoped or been prepared for. This is why it is crucial to find a professional piercer you trust.

I can’t deny that my job is wicked cool, and the shop I am at is absolutely amazing, to say the least. It is a tattoo and piercing shop unlike any other. We believe in respect, both among us as staff, as well as amongst clients. We care about the well-being of clients, and go out of our way to make them feel like home. I could go on for ever about how in love i am with the people and the shop itself, so check out our page Dreamworx Ink Tattoo and Piercing and see for yourself, or come and give us a visit! 

So to the ancient traditions of piercing and body modification, this blog i dedicate thee.

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