How to Spot A Good Tattoo and Piercing Shop and What Not to Do


Lu P | Watercolour & Trash Polka Artist | Dreamworx Ink

Finding a good artist you vibe with is like finding a good doctor. Once you’ve found them, you go there for the rest of your life

—owner, Dreamworx Ink.

When it comes  piercings and tattoos, there are an abundance of shops around to choose from. However, as a client who is potentially planning to modify their body, you need to be extremely weary of bad shops, bad artists, and bad piercers. Let me begin by essentially saying that you get what you pay for. If you want an extremely detailed work of art for $200, you will get a $200 tattoo. It just doesn’t work like that, yet a lot of people unfortunately have that mentality. When it comes to something being permanent on your body, do not sell yourself short, but more over, do not limit yourself based on money. I cannot stress this enough. The shop that I’m at, Dreamworx Ink (check out their Facebook page) encounters a multitude of people who come to us in hopes of fixing disasters from other shops. The first questions we ask are “where did you get it done” and “how much did you pay”. Continue reading

9 Reasons Why Your Piercing Isn’t Healing Properly


1. STOP TOUCHING IT! This is probably the number one cause of irritation. After previously touching god knows what throughout your day, you may want to reconsider absentmindedly fidgeting with your new piercing. Any irritation you cause to the piercing, will delay its healing process. If you wouldn’t stick your hands in your mouth, why make contact with an open wound that is your piercing? Check out this article on things you touch everyday that are filthier than a toilet.

2. Max and Mr. Snuggles. I love animals. You love animals. We all love animals. However, pet dander is a leading cause of infection. So while you’re snuggling with kitty cat who’s affectionately seated right on your new navel piercing, you’re slowly infecting your piercing with millions of microscopic cells. It doesn’t matter whether you’re naked or fully clothed frankly, because dander is microscopic, and it is airborne. Maybe re-think having your favourite furry friend sleeping in your bed with you, too. Continue reading