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We’ve been seeing a lot of intricate, eye-catching ear cuffs being worn by some of our favourite rocker-chic celebs. Some simplified like those we see Rihanna wearing commonly; others more embellished and over-the top. Most of 2014 runway collections have all incorporated some form of cuff-like ear jewellery.

Head chains too seem to be making a comeback, with many large retail stores housing different styles.

9 Reasons Why Your Piercing Isn’t Healing Properly


1. STOP TOUCHING IT! This is probably the number one cause of irritation. After previously touching god knows what throughout your day, you may want to reconsider absentmindedly fidgeting with your new piercing. Any irritation you cause to the piercing, will delay its healing process. If you wouldn’t stick your hands in your mouth, why make contact with an open wound that is your piercing? Check out this article on things you touch everyday that are filthier than a toilet.

2. Max and Mr. Snuggles. I love animals. You love animals. We all love animals. However, pet dander is a leading cause of infection. So while you’re snuggling with kitty cat who’s affectionately seated right on your new navel piercing, you’re slowly infecting your piercing with millions of microscopic cells. It doesn’t matter whether you’re naked or fully clothed frankly, because dander is microscopic, and it is airborne. Maybe re-think having your favourite furry friend sleeping in your bed with you, too. Continue reading